Why Ativan 1mg Is Popular Among Other Dosages?

Ativan is widely used in the management of anxiety disorders and other issues, with the 1mg dose being the most popular one. Although the drug comes in other dosage strengths too, this is the dose preferred by many when prescribed to use the anti-anxiety med. Anxiety as a condition requires careful dosing and treatment, which the 1mg pills help to provide in a very admirable manner.

Ativan, a powerful benzodiazepine, is the well-known brand name of Lorazepam. The drug has helped to successfully treat many health issues apart from anxiety disorders. Using the anxiety medication in the right way as directed by the physician can aid in overcoming the condition without too many adverse reactions. There are other potent anxiety drugs available for use like Klonopin, Xanax, and Valium, but Ativan is chosen more often for its relative safety of use and also the benefits. The 1mg dose is often more suitable for the conditions treated and you would get to know why here. Read on for more information on the same.

What are the Ativan dosage strengths available?

Ativan is conveniently formulated as compressed tablets that are administered orally. The dosage strengths that are typically available for use are 0.5mg, 1mg, and 2mg, containing the equivalent amount of Lorazepam. Any health issue that is treated with this drug is usually commenced with the 0.5mg dosage. If this is deemed to be too high, the patient is asked to split the pill and use just 0.25mg as needed. Over the course of the treatment, the dosage is titrated to higher ones as required based on the severity of the problem and also the response of the user to the drug.

For most health concerns, the dosing schedule is prescribed having multiple doses in a day for up to 4mg, and maybe even 10mg in extreme cases. The 1mg dose is the one that is used more often for such persons as this can work sufficiently in providing relief for the symptoms being treated.

Why is Ativan 1mg the preferred dosage among users?

As can be seen, the dosing schedule keeps changing according to the user’s needs. No matter how much the user is asked to take, the 1mg dose is suitable as a maintenance dose. This is the dose that is easier to take when you require take multiple doses in a day. If the lower dose is the only one on hand, then more than one would have to be taken at a time. On the other hand, the 2mg doses would have to be split often before taking it.

Not to forget that Ativan is a benzodiazepine that can potentially cause tolerance and addiction. Many users can sufficient relief with just the maintenance dose of 1mg and would not need higher doses. Overall, it is highly convenient and useful to take the Ativan 1mg pills when getting relief from anxiety. This clearly explains why it is the preferred dose over the other ones.