What you have to tell doctor before he/she prescribes you Levitra?

levitra prescriptionAlthough people can order Levitra online for treating erectile dysfunction, this drug, however effective it may be, might not be suitable for everyone. There are different reactions of this drug which people have. Some people are more prone to side effects than others and some are totally unsuitable to take this drug. There are yet other people who need to take very small doses of the drug. Therefore, before Levitra is prescribed, there are certain things your doctor should know:

Information to be given to the doctor

The doctor needs to know if you have any sort of heart condition including irregular heartbeats, rapid heartbeats,and a history of heart attack or heart condition.

The doctor needs to know if you are taking nitrates in any form. Either as a recreational drug or when it is combined as a medication with Levitra, it could have serious consequences like dizziness, fainting and even coma or death in certain situations. It is also possible that one could suffer a heart attack just because the drug is combined with Levitra.

Women should never be prescribed with this drug, because enough studies have not been conducted to ensure the safety for them and their consumption.

Those who are on HIV medication should avoid Levitra as that could have serious consequences on them too.

Precautions before taking Levitra

Before taking Levitra it is important to find out why the impotence has stemmed. It could be as a result of a medical problem and in such cases, rather than curing the impotence, the reason why it was caused needs to be targeted and the root cause must be removed.

It should not be given to those who are less than 18 years of age or those who have cavernosal fibrosis as well as peyronie’s disease. It should be avoided by patients suffering from sickle cell diseases, leukemia, multiple myeloma and various allergies to vardenafil or any of the ingredients that are present in Levitra. It is not to be taken by those who are on anti-fungal medications like ketoconazole or itraconazole. It should not be given to patients who suffer from ulcers or are taking erythromycin or clarithromycin and other such antibiotics. It should never be given to those patients who are hemophiliacs’ or those who have liver problems and are undergoing dialysis or who have low blood pressure. If a person is taking alpha blockers, they should not take this ED pill as well.

If the patients have a history of degenerative eye diseases or are prone to non arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy then they should not be prescribed with this drug. Therefore, one needs to inform their doctor of the consumption of any of these medications, any illnesses/diseases or even preconditions one has and the medications one is consumed at present.

When taking Levitra, the person should avoid grapefruits as well as even grapefruit juice, as the consequences could be extremely serious.

By consuming Levitra in the right manner, anyone can enjoy and experience the benefits of the drug.